In-House Alterations

Nadine grew up in China and was raised working with a textile company. She learned to sew at age 7 from her grandmother and spent 6 years designing and making custom gowns. She has worked with thousands of brides in her twenty years in the industry. She prides herself on providing all in house alterations and services. She is very knowledgable, immensely talented, and has a  big passion for helping her brides.

Rebecca majored in Fashion Design at Philadelphia University where she learned and polished her sewing skills. She's been working in the bridal industry for over 10 years and has been with Nadine at Boulder Bridal for the past three years. She loves helping her brides select the perfect gown that integrates with their overall wedding style and venue, and she can tailor it to exactly what you are looking for! 

Together, Nadine and Rebecca will help your dream wedding dress come to life!



Typical wedding gown alterations cost between $400 and $700 dollars depending on what alterations are needed, type of fabric, and what customization is desired.

We offer a full range of alterations but have specialized in bridal gowns and formal wear for over twenty years. Bring us your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, or any other outfit needing adjustments and we will alter it to fit you perfectly. You'll work exclusively with Nadine and Rebecca from start to finish. They will help you through each fitting and will be making all of the necessary alterations themselves.  Any questions or concerns you have can be addressed directly to them at any time. We work with brides to find the most convenient time and place for fittings, whether it be in our store or at Nadine's sewing studio at home. We love this industry because of the relationships we build with each and every bride!