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Alterations at Boulder Bridal

Congratulations on finding your dream dress! Now it's time to talk about Alterations. Boulder Bridal has more than 20 years of experience in wedding gown alterations. This is where all of the small details and your custom dreams come to life. We specialize in wedding dress custom designs and alterations. 

Our in house staff are not only perfect consultants for helping you to purchasing your gown, they also have professional knowledgeable of all of your alteration needs. Our stress-free, cozy, one-stop shop makes your wedding dress shopping experience as easy as possible!


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  • When should I start the alteration process?
    We recommend beginning the alterations process about 2-3 months before your wedding date. But it is never too early to start your wedding dress alteration. The sooner you are able to schedule your fittings, the better. This gives you plenty of time for your first fitting to be completed so that the seamstress will have plenty of time to work on your dress before your second and third fittings. The second fitting will be a month or so before your wedding, and the third or final fitting will be the week before your wedding. If additional fittings are necessary for custom changes, those will be scheduled in between your other fittings.
  • How much do wedding dress alterations cost at Boulder Bridal?
    Alterations can range a lot, and much depends on the dress itself. Depending on how complicated it will be to alter and how much alterations are needed, the alteration price range is usually $400-$1000. We would recommend reaching out to us about your wedding dress so you can plan and budget accordingly.
  • What should I bring for the Alteration at Boulder Bridal?
    Make sure to bring your wedding shoes when you come to the first alteration. Your height is important in figuring out the hem length. You can bring undergarments too, and if you have multiple options, we can help you to decide what will work best. If you’re planning on incorporating wedding accessories like earrings, necklaces, headbands, and so on, we recommend bringing those as well.
  • What if my weight fluctuates?
    This is OK! Some weight loss or gain can happen with the stress of wedding planning, and since alterations are a multi-appointment process, there is usually time to adjust the dress according to your body’s changes. However, if you are doing some dieting/exercise that could cause you to lose LOTS of weight, definitely make that known to us from the beginning. We may change the alterations process for you to accommodate your weight loss.
  • If I did not purchase wedding dress at Boulder Bridal, can I still make an alteration appointment with you?
    Of course! We can do wedding dress alterations for outside brides who did not purchase the gown from our store.

Let’s Get Your Alterations Started

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