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Champagne Party at Boulder Bridal

It will be a special day with incredible memories!

Besties?  YES!

Snacks?  YES!

Champagnes?  YES!

Entire Store?  YES!

Up to 120 min?  YES!

An unforgettable wedding dress shopping trip?  YES!


Let our Champagne Party begin! Here at Boulder Bridal, we hope to offer you a unique experience for the bride-to-be in a setting where you will feel your best. We want to help our brides create an incredible memory that will last a lifetime!

With our exclusive $69 champagne party, we will reserve the entire store just for you! We will bring you the best 120 minute experience with the entire store reserved just for you, plus free bubbles & snacks, and no limits on number of guests! We will ensure that everyone in your bridal party can relax and have fun while helping you choose the perfect dress!

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