Wtoo by Watters

Updated: May 13

Vantana Watters started designing dresses for herself as well as family and friends all the way back in 1988. She wanted to create dresses that were truly unique and differed from the rest. After realizing that she had a real knack for designing dresses, she started up a company known as Watters with the rest of her family. Vantana made it her goal to create dresses that focused on drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality for all brides and bridesmaids. This goal in mind has quickly launched the Watters company to fame; they aren’t afraid to debut some daring pieces on the red carpet! If you’re looking for a truly unique piece, Watters will not disappoint.

Anjali By Wtoo

Austin by Wtoo

Scout by Wtoo

Challen by Wtoo

Miles by Wtoo

Philomena By Wtoo

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